A “building that learns, ” preapproved flexible use in a townhouse module; housing-over-retail live-near units. Separate entrances are available for live and work portions.

Courtyard Community

A multi-unit community of live-work units entering off of one or more courtyards.

New Construction Lofts

“Lifestyle Lofts” in a new building or complex of buildings.

Loft Renovation

Conversion of an existing commercial building to multiple live-work units, often called lofts.

Home Occupation

A form of residence in which at least one resident works at home.

Housing over retail

A form of live-work whose residents may or may not work below.


Coworking is a shared working environment, usually an office, yet work activity is carried on by independent individuals who are usually not employed by the same organization.

Cohort Housing

Housing occupied by a group whose prior relatiomships have led them to choose to live (and often work) in close proximity to one another.


A type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their neighborhoods and are consciously committed to living as a community.