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Types and Zones

This section contains information about the relationship between different occupancy types and City of Oakland zoning requirements, descriptions of the main varieties of live/work, and an explanation of the differences between live/work and work/live.

Choose the Type for You

Do you own property in Oakland and are you curious about your options for developing the property? Or are you interested in building or creating live/work but haven't purchased property yet? By answering the questions posed in this area, you will learn what you can build on your property or where to buy to create a specific kind of live/work.

The Live/Work Matrix

This chart shows clearly the three main types of live/work and how the code treats their construction in the different zones.

Differences Between Live/Work and Work/Live

Discerning the differences between live/work and work/live can be tricky. This chart spells out what the differences are and where they lie.