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1999 Oakland Live/Work Building Code

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How to Use This Section

Directions to the Building Code
on the City of Oakland website.

Listed below are each of the sections of the Oakland Building Code that pertain specifically to live/work, known as Joint Living and Work Quarters (JLWQ). The section number and name are the link, in blue, and in italics are Plain English topics covered by that particular section.

Note: Section 325B.1-Additional Information on Plans and Specifications is extensive, and is therefore covered in detail on this website in a separate area called Required Items. The remainder of that section, 325B.2-325B.5 covering Notices of Limitation, is on the page in the list below.

The 1999 Oakland Building Code, while largely unchanged from the previous version, does have several major changes. One of these is the format of the code itself. Formerly divided into four separate sections, now all of the code pertaining to Joint Living and Work Quarters, including Group R, Division 7 and 8 and Group F, Division 7 and 8 is in one section, called Division I. The section called Division II contains the code applicable to the new occupancy, Group R, Division 9 or Urban Core Residential Conversions and, although similar and therefore somewhat redundant, this section is presented in its entirety here.

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Index of Sections:

334B-336B Definitions

337B Notices of Limitation - Special code relaxations...

338B Change of Use - Do I have to do a seismic retrofit?

339B Minimum Facilities and Shell Construction - Making 'raw' spaces...

340B Construction, Height and Allowable Area - Building technicalities: sleeping lofts, ladders, etc...

341B Specific Use Provisions -

342B TABLE: Uniform and Concentrated Loads - How heavy are my floors?

345B Location on Property - Can I have windows everywhere?

345B Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 1) - No window in the sleeping loft?

345B Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 2) - "Landlocked" unit?

345B.1.3.3 Existing Stairways - Do I have to upgrade them?

346B Light and Ventilation - Natural light, windows or fans?

347B Shaft and Exit Enclosures - Technical stuff no open stairs except in units...

348B Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems - Do I have to sprinkler?

349B Special Hazards -

349B-A TABLE: Allowable Quantities of Hazardous Materials - Toxics, hazmats, etc...

350B Fire Alarms - Do I need them?

351B Sound Transmission Control - How to insulate between units...

352B Energy Conservation Requirements -Heat...

353B Plumbing Systems Requirements -Are gas ranges allowed? ABS, plumbing?

354B Electical Systems Requirements-Is Romex okay, and where?